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Welcome to Dr. Kim's Family & Spa Dentistry. We are a family-oriented dental practice, offering comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment to our patients in beautiful Silverton and surrounding areas. What's unique about us is our very personal quality care and Dr. Kim's Latrosedation style approach. What does that mean? Simply put, our first priority is your comfort, and we go to great lengths to help facilitate this. From our "Spa" surroundings and services approach, we go the extra mile in helping your visit be as relaxing as possible. Your individual needs are always considered, your choices respected.

Dentistry has seen dramatic changes over the years. New materials and techniques have given us the means to perform some wonderful transformations. We place crowns, partials, dentures and implants to restore function where some teeth are missing, or there are no teeth at all. Cosmetically, Dr. Kim works magic with bonding, Veneers, and an array of procedures to repair teeth and, not incidentally, self-esteem, including Invisalign, the see through and removable braces. The best part; a patient who enjoys dental health will feel good and look good.

Dr. Michael Kim is an experienced and skilled clinician as well warm and approachable, encouraging open communication and patient input from the beginning to end. He truly listens to the needs and concerns of his patients, and he is always available to his patients.

We understand that some patients are uneasy about dental appointments, so we strive to make their visits a positive experience. Building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as special individuals is vital to our success. We offer a variety of methods to make each visit more pleasant including video entertainment and music.

To make you more comfortable during your appointment we have: Reflexology foot and hand massage, Paraffin wax treatments, Neck and shoulder massages in our reception area, Heated or chilled Herbal neck pillow, Memory foam dental chairs for your comfort, Herbal Gel eye masks, heated or chilled, Aromatherapy, Heated towels and more. After your visit, your comfort is completed with a refreshing hot face towel and bottled water or specialty mocha, latte etc. to go. Or perhaps you would like to utilize our free Internet café and complimentary wireless account.

Our practice is affordable and we accept an array of insurances! »